To be clear, this page should probably read, “record producer”, but I think the more general title fits my personality and skill set more accurately, anyhow.  I do produce records for artists as well as remixes of artists.  People often ask in what genre I specialize and I have to explain that I’ve worked in many and am always eager to explore more.  I’ve produced singer/songwriter rock/pop albums for Jennifer Knapp, Mary Allen and Leslie Mendelson, art-song meets-Coney Island records for Carol Lipnik, acoustic instrumental records for Noah Hoffeld, John Johns, and Richard Smith and many more.  I’ve also produced spacey or groovy or dancey electronic remixes for Venus Hum, Nada Surf, David Poe, Dave’s True Story, Josh Rouse and others.  As I said, I enjoy producing.  It’s what I do.