Climbing Back Into the Saddle

Since mid-May I’ve been slightly out of the loop. I’d love to say this I is why I haven’t posted on this website but, by the barely-existent posting history from the months before I headed out it’s clear I can’t use that as an excuse. Excuses aside, my work this summer has been largely outside of music. I’ve been in Ecuador doing archaeology (how cool is that?!). However, while down there I supervised the mixing and mastering of one of the two records I produced this spring and I’m very excited about sharing this work with the world this fall.

The title of the post comes from my feeling that getting back into the saddle is really more of a process than an action. Unpacking suitcases will be a good start, but then comes the challenge of getting caught up with both business and domestic chores. I’m sure that in a week I’ll be feeling like myself, but for the moment I’m wondering how many (more) trips to the store it will take to re-stock the fridge!

What’s for sure is that this fall’s release of this spring’s work will require me to be vigilant about updating this website and creating a Facebook artist page. I want to let everyone know about the exciting projects I’ve been involved with and invite you to drop me a line any old time to share your thoughts.

More to come soon!